May 20, 2021

Holiday nail art can be a bit daunting.

But it can also be an incredibly fun experience.

Here are some tips for your next holiday nail painting.


Choose a good holiday nail set for your nail art style, size and theme.

There are tons of nail art sets out there.

You can buy them on Amazon and on etsy.

But they all have one thing in common: They all look similar and all have a very specific theme.


Make sure you don’t buy the same set over and over again.

Some nail art kits are just that good.

Others are really nice, but aren’t that great.

For your own nail art design, there are plenty of different ways to get creative with your design.


Pick the right colors.

If you’re looking for a really beautiful holiday nail, you can pick a few colors from a variety of brands and colors.

But, don’t try to mix and match colors or colors that are a bit too similar to each other.

It’ll make your nails look a little bit clumpy.


Don’t let your nails be too much of a pain.

If they get a little too clumpy or too big, it can actually look gross.

This can happen if you over-dip a bit on your nail and your nails get stuck together.

So, be careful.


Have fun!

Don’t worry if your nails feel a little scratchy.

Just make sure you enjoy the experience.

For more tips for nail art decorating, check out our Holiday Paint and Decorate guide.

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