May 22, 2021

From gel polish to gel nails, nail art is one of the most popular ways to get your nails done.

But the artistry of it has evolved over time and can sometimes get in the way of some of the basics that are so crucial to the beauty process.

Here’s a look at how to apply gel polish.1.

Use a brush to startThe first step is to get a good brush.

That means using a high-quality brush.

It’s important that you use a high quality brush.

Not only does it add value to the product, but it also provides a more permanent, consistent result.

You can get the best bang for your buck with a quality brush from the largest nail art supply stores in the country.

You’ll also find a variety of brands in the nail art world that specialize in gel polish brushes.2.

Don’t let your nails dry out too quicklyIt’s important to remember that your nails should be wet for a minimum of two hours.

You should then rinse your hands and let them dry.

If you let your nail dry too long, it may be hard to get the desired result.3.

Do a little bit of water to help the nails hold onIf your nails have been dry for a long time, they may dry out a little too quickly and lose the desired results.

It can happen because your nails don’t dry properly or the dry time may be too long.

If that’s the case, you may want to experiment with using a little water to add moisture.4.

Start applying gel polishA good gel polish brush will help to hold your nail polish on your nail while you apply the polish.

Apply a light coat of polish with your finger to start.

Let your nails sink into the gel, and then begin to apply a more thorough coat of gel polish using your fingertip.

It will take several minutes for the gel to dry.5.

Don’t apply too much gelIf you’re applying gel nail art as part of a routine, you might want to leave it in for a little while before adding more polish.

This will help ensure that the nail polish is even and that your application will adhere to the nail.6.

Do not over-applyThe amount of gel you apply will depend on how long you’ve been applying gel.

If your nails are still wet, it’s better to wait a little longer and apply a little less gel.

The result will be a more even application.7.

Apply with your fingertipsIf you want to avoid a slippery finish, you can use your fingers instead of your nails.

Just be sure to get as close to your nail as possible before applying.8.

Do your nails twice or moreOnce you’ve applied gel polish, it’ll take about an hour to completely dry.

This is important because gel polish will start to feel slightly sticky after an hour or two.

Apply it slowly so that it doesn’t become too sticky.9.

Avoid applying too much polishIf you’ve got a very thick coat of nail polish, you’ll want to apply it a little at a time.

This way, the nail doesn’t get caught on the edges of the gel and gets wiped off before it completely dries.

Once you’ve finished applying, simply wipe off the excess with a damp towel.10.

If necessary, wait for a coat of primerAfter your nails and nail polish have dried, it will be time to paint them with a primer.

This can be anything from a black or metallic finish to a bright metallic color.

If it’s a matte or gloss finish, it can be applied as a base coat.