May 24, 2021

A black nail design design on a white woman’s nail art can look like a Nazi tattoo.

Black nail art designers are making black nail designs on the nails of white women, including a Nazi swastika tattoo that has been making the rounds on social media.

A woman’s finger nails were also tattooed with the swastika in a photo shared to Facebook.

The photo of a white nail art tattoo was captioned: “I’m not a Nazi, but I have black nail tattoo.”

Another woman shared the photo on Instagram with the caption: “Black nail tattoo is really cool, but it looks like a swastika to me.”

The photo was posted on Friday by the user ‘sara’ of Instagram.

It’s not the first time people have shared a Nazi-inspired tattoo on black nails.

In March, a photo was shared on Instagram by the same user who captioned it with the words “black nail art” and said she had a Nazi flag tattoo on her right hand.

Another user, ‘austin brent’ of ‘Instagram Stories’, said the same Nazi flag was on her left hand.’

I think it is disgusting that black nail tattoos are on our hands, and the people behind it should be prosecuted,’ said the user.’

Black people have to know they are not alone in the racist and hateful world we live in.

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