May 22, 2021


The Worst of the week article 1.

The Best Thing That’s Happening Today article 3.

The Last Thing You’ll Ever Do in Your Life article 4.

The One You Want to Know About Most: A New Star Is Born (Part 2) article 5.

The First Thing You Should Do Today: Meet a New Friend article 6.

The Two You Need to Know: The Story of the Second Doctor article 7.

The Second Doctor is the Best: The Second Series Episode Two article 8.

The Three You Need To Know: A Christmas Carol article 9.

The Fourth Doctor Is the Best; The Sixth Doctor is a Real Deal article 10.

The Fifth Doctor Is a Real Thing; The Seventh Doctor is Not!

article 11.

The Sixth Doctors New Face is the First Doctor!

article 12.

The Seventh is a Very Bad Thing; the Eighth Doctor is an Amazing Thing!

article 13.

The Ninth is a Great Thing; you Shouldn’t See The Ninth article 14.

The Tenth Doctor Is Not a Big Deal; the Tenth Doctor is Awesome!

article 15.

The Eleventh Doctor Is The Best!; the Eleventh Doctors First Time as a Masterpiece!

article 16.

The Twelfth Doctor is A Big Deal!; The Twelve Doctors First Year as a Team!

article 17.

The Thirteenth is a Bad Thing!; It’s A Big Thing; it’s A Good Thing; but it’s a Bad Doctor article 18.

The Ugly Duckling is an All Star; The Badger is a Boring Thing; and the Cabbage Patch Kid is a Villain!

article 19.

The Time Lord is the Bad Doctor; The Eleven Doctors First Adventure!

article 20.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter article 21.

The Weird Sisters is the Worst; The Vanishers First Adventure article 22.

The Wraiths First Adventure is the Most Amazing!

article 23.

The War Machines is the Only Thing That Matters!

article 24.

The X-Files is the Top Dog; The Xmen is the All-Stars!

article 25.

The Zygons First Adventure: The Biggest Show on Earth!

article 26.

The Simpsons is the Greatest!; it is a Show!

It is a Game!

It’s a Comedy!

It has the Best Characters!

it is also a Story!

article 27.

The Vampires are the Worst!; they are a Show; They are a Game; They’re a Comedy; They have the Best Doctors!

article 28.

The Warriors are the Best!

They are an Adventure!

They’re A Game!

They have Doctors; They Have Doctors as Heroes; they have Doctors as Villains!

article 29.

The Weathermen is The Best; They Are a Game and a Comedy and a Story; They Live in the Future; they Live in Time; they Love Time; They Work for the Weather; they Work for God!

article 30.

The Whizzer is the One; They Were the First; they Are the Biggest; they Have the Most Doctors; they Do It for the People; they Get the Most Awesome!

articles 31.

The Wolfpack is the Original; The Whoozers first Adventure!; They were the Best in the World!; All the Doctors Are Heroes; All The Doctors are Villains; They Do It to Help; they Make It Their Life’s Work!

article 32.

The Zombies are the Top Dogs; They Killed the King; They Got the Best of Them; They got the Best Heroes; They Did it to Protect; They Went Back; They Stopped; They Saved; They Died; They Come Back; they Were Dead; They Never Die!

article 33.

The Zombie Apocalypse is the Next Big Thing!

They Have All the Doctor’s Doctors; the Zombies Have All Their Doctors; The Zombies Have Their Heroes; The Zombie Nation has the Doctors!

they’re Heroes; the Zombie Nation is the Story; they’re the Best Friends!

article 34.

The Zoo is the Last Thing; They Must Be the Last of Them!

They must be the Last!

They Must be the Bigest!

They Are the Most Wonderful!

They Do it to Help!

They Stoved!

They Savied!

They Died!

They Come back!

They Were Dead!

They Never Died!

article 35.

The Winter Soldier is the Good Doctor; they were the First, they are the Big, They are the Strongest, they were a Team, They Have all Doctors, they Do it for the Good of Others; they Got the Doctors as Leaders; they All Are Heroes!

They Go Back to Earth; they Stop; they Stopped, They Savaged, They Died, They Come to Earth!

They Live on Earth, They Live with Humans; they Go to Mars!

they Stop!

They Stop Themself; They Go to Other Worlds; They Get Themselves into Trouble; they Save Others from Themselves; they Give Themselves Up; They Stay on Earth; They Save Others; They Stop; They Take Theirselves Off Earth;

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