June 19, 2021

How to paint spider nails?

If you’ve ever wanted to paint your nails spider-like, the best way to do that is with a spider.

You can’t go wrong with these colorful spider nails! 

Here’s how you do it. 

First, find some spider nails.

These are the ones that come in small and large sizes, so you can find the perfect size for you. 

Next, carefully glue the nail to the wall with glue, like you would glue to your door frame.

You’ll want to avoid glue on the inside of the nail because that can make it snag on the wall, which can ruin your project. 

Then, paint it on the nail using a paintbrush. 

I like to paint the spider nail on the bottom and bottom edge.

This allows the nail a better grip on the nails. 

If you want a more detailed look, you can add some glitter on the top and bottom. 

Now, let’s go get some nail polish!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started. 

1 jar of nail polish:  If I were you, I would start with a little red polish.

You could also use any white polish for the top, bottom, or sides of the nails if you prefer. 

2 jars of nail glue: I use nail glue on all my nail art projects.

You don’t have to buy a lot of it, though.

Just make sure to get a jar that is at least 6 ounces, which is enough to hold all the nails you need. 

3 brushes: If your nails are longer than 6 inches, you’ll want a small brush to help you draw lines.

I also use a large, thick brush for my spider nails, because it’s easier to draw lines and also easier to remove nails from the wall. 

Here are some tips to help with the nails: Use a nail brush with an easy to remove tip.

If you’re using glue, make sure that you don’t leave glue on it too long or it can cause it to stick.

Also, keep the tip in the nail so that you can remove it quickly and easily.

If the tip is too long, it will stick.

Use a brush that’s thick enough to remove your nails without sticking to the nail. 

Wet your brush with nail polish.

Use the brush to dab a little bit of nail adhesive into the nail polish and then lightly wipe off the excess. 

Apply a light coat of nail paint.

It can be a little trickier than it sounds, though, because you’ll have to apply a bit of paint to the edges of your nail.

This helps keep the paint on the line and will help your nail art look nice. 

Repeat for all of your nails.

Now that you’ve got your nails painted, it’s time to start shaping them!

Grab a ruler, pencil, or your paintbrush and start marking the top of your spider nails using a ruler or marker. 

Start with the bottom side, or the outer edge. 

Draw a line from the top edge to the middle, or from the middle edge to bottom.

If there’s no line, it means your spider is too small.

 When you’re done, mark the edge of your top or bottom spider with a dot.

You might have to move your hand a little to make sure you don-t mess up your nail while you’re marking.

Once you’ve finished the top or the bottom spider, you may have to make another mark.

Make a new line in the same direction from the previous mark.

If that line is in the middle or the edges, it indicates your spider’s shape is too big.

If it’s too small, you might have an issue with the shape of your design.

Now, paint the next line on the outside of your first line.

The paint should start to dry and look nice, but it might not look as good as it looks in the photo. 

You might have a few more spider nails that are too long. 

Try to use the same pattern to paint each nail on each side.

If your spider doesn’t make a perfect line, you need to add more glue. 

To paint on both sides, apply a layer of glue to the top side of your new spider.

Repeat this process for the other side.

I like to use a little glue to hold my nail painting in place so that I can easily remove the nail and paint it.

Make sure you can apply glue from the same side, too.

This way, when you remove your new nail art, you won’t get glue on your nails from where it was on the previous painting. 

When the glue dries, you should have some paint that looks like this:

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