June 29, 2021

Posted October 08, 2018 03:31:40 It’s the time of year when you’re all about manicures and manicures only and with this manicure tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use the same technique you would with any other nail art tool to help make your nails looks more fresh and vibrant.

Step 1.

Apply nail polish to the nail using a flat brush.

This technique is best suited for people who want a bit more control over the color and consistency of their nails, as well as for people looking for a more subtle look.

Step 2.

Using a nail polish brush, use a small amount of nail polish (about two tablespoons), and then begin gently pulling the polish into the nail.

If you want a slightly more intense effect, try applying it into your nail through a toothpick or a thin brush.

Step 3.

Once the polish is applied, use the brush to gently brush the manicure around the entire area you want to highlight.

This will help you achieve the most vibrant color you can achieve.

Step 4.

Using the same method as before, apply the polish on the other side of the nail, but this time, brush the nail on the outer side of it.

This should create a nice, shiny finish.

Step 5.

Finish off your manicure by buffing your nails with a toothbrush.

We don’t want to overwhelm your manicurist with polish, so the next step is to finish off your nails using a brush.

For this tutorial, use this method to help achieve a really nice, deep, metallic, and bright finish.

You can also use a brush to apply the same effect to the side of your nails.

Step 6.

Once your manicures are done, take a moment to admire the work you’ve created.

Now that you’ve got a few nail art tips to get you started, check out some of our favorite nail art tutorials for more fun, easy, and affordable nail art.

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