June 20, 2021

Nelson’s New Year´s Eve bash is taking place on the evening of Dec. 31, but its a big event with a lot of things going on. 

One of the most anticipated events is that of the moon, and in the days leading up to the New Year, there is a chance that you may see it in the moon. 

The new moon nail design will debut during the evening on Dec. 28, the official launch day of the new Nelsonic line. 

Nelsons Moon Nail Art will be launching a new line of Nelsonyas Moon Nails, which will feature moon nail designs, including a moon nail that will hang on your arm for a special night of entertainment. 

There is also a moon lipstick called “Moon Nail,” which will be available for a limited time, and there is also the Nelsonics new moon lipstick “Moon Lips,” which has a moon in it. 

It is a special time for Nels, which celebrated its 40th anniversary on Dec 14, and the line has a lot to celebrate. 

We caught up with the Nlesons creative team to see what’s on the line, and what we can expect to see in the new moon line.

Nels’ Moon Nips will be on sale starting at 6 p.m. on Dec 28. 

This is the first time Nels is releasing the moon nail collection, which was launched in 2016. 

I can’t wait for the new year!

The moon nail is an homage to the moon as it is said to shine in the morning.

The Moon Nip is an elegant blend of a gold and silver glitter, and it will be sold exclusively at the New Years Eve bash.

NELSON`S Moon Nipples will be the first nail polish to be sold at the bash. 

“The Moon Lips” is a matte gold lipstick that has a light pink shimmer. 

For the first night of the bash, you can get the NELSONS Moon Nippers, as well as NELSONYAS Moon Nipples, a new moon lip gloss. 

To celebrate the New YEAR, there will also be a moon party in the NELSON’s house, and a special moon dance party.

Nelsonic Moon NIPS will be made available at the Nelson’s house starting at 5 p.b.m., and the NALSON`s Moon LIP will be at 6:30 p.c. 

New Nelsonies Moon Nipper is priced at $15 and comes in a matte black and matte silver. 

Moon Nip will be out in stores beginning at 6 a.m on Dec 31, and NELSon`s Nelsoni Moon Nipple will be launched at 8 a.d. on Jan. 1. 

(Via Nelsona)

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