June 19, 2021

It has been a busy few months for nail art in Australia, with nail art and other nail art items being introduced across the country, including Christmas nail art.

There have been some notable additions to the nail art market this year, with some brands such as Nail Art Australia, Nail Design, Nails by Nails and Nails Design taking over Christmas nail shop locations.

But some nail art shops are struggling, with many of their customers seeing their favourite designs as being more expensive than their alternatives.

Some nail art brands are struggling to stay afloat in the market, with Nail Designs and Nail Artist recently selling out of their range and losing their business, according to The Age.

‘You have got to be really lucky to own a nail design.

You don’t have to own all of them,’ one nail artist told the paper.

Another nail artist, named Samantha, said she was struggling to keep her nail art collection up to date, adding: ‘You might as well be selling a couple of old f****** pairs of nail clippers.

I have to buy some new ones every couple of months.

It’s a struggle for me.’ 

In the meantime, many nail art artists have resorted to selling off their designs, using the money to buy more nail art supplies, such as nail polishes and manicures.

Many nail artists have started to use their own cash, which has also seen prices increase, making them more expensive.

Nail artist Alex has been selling his nail art for the last six months, using cash from customers to cover the costs of making new designs.

Alex told the newspaper: ‘It’s quite expensive to buy a nail polish or nail art that lasts a long time, but I just have to go for it.’

‘It’s definitely more expensive to get your nails done than a nail from the same brand, but the end result is better, I guess,’ he said.

He said nail art was one of his favourite things to do, and that it was his favourite part of his job.

“I love nail art because it makes me feel good about myself and it keeps me busy, so I’ve been trying to do that since I was a kid,” he said of his passion.

While nail art is definitely one of the biggest trends in the nail world, it is a relatively new trend.

And with nail artists having to be flexible, there are many nail design and nail art companies that have struggled to keep up with demand.