July 23, 2021

Posted March 07, 2019 08:37:18A few months ago, I was at a Disney panel at Walt Disney World and saw this guy at the front of the audience: he was wearing a penguin mask and he had a huge smile on his face.

I thought to myself, I don’t know who this is, but I know this guy.

This guy had been at this panel a couple of times before, and he has a great voice, and that’s what drew me in.

The Disney-owned Pixar Studios is known for its animated feature films, and the studio is looking to continue that trend with two more Pixar films in 2018.

At this panel, Pixar chief John Lasseter said he’s not too sure what to call the new films.

“I don’t think we’ll call them Pixar 3, 4 or 5,” Lassett said.

Lasseter was referring to the three films that the studio released last year: Inside Out, Monsters University and Cars 3.

Pixars first animated feature, Finding Nemo, was released in 2015, and it followed a very similar formula to Finding Nemuas previous animated film, Finding Dory.

In Finding Nemos 3, Nemo is the main character and his brother Dory is his sidekick.

It follows Nemo’s search for a mythical treasure while battling giant sea creatures, as well as a lot of sea monsters.

That movie grossed more than $400 million worldwide, and spawned two sequels.

Finding Dory 2, however, grossed less than $60 million and was released this year.

We’ve seen plenty of Pixar movies that were a bit more formulaic, but this one feels a bit different.

Pixar 3 is Pixar’s first live-action animated feature film that looks to be a bit darker, a bit heavier and a bit better than Finding Nemoes.

The film is expected to open in 2019.

And it sounds like Pixar is also bringing back some of its live-animated classics.

A lot of the stuff that we loved about Finding Nemoe and Finding Dora is coming back, and Pixar 3 has some new elements.

So you’ll be seeing some old favorites and some new stuff coming back.

There’s no official word yet.

Disney announced at its D23 Expo in Los Angeles last year that Pixar 3 would be the first live action film from Pixar.

For more news from the 2017 D23 event, watch the video above.