July 17, 2021

You know what’s so cute about nail art?

The little little touches.

I mean, you can add a sparkle to a white polish, a little gold or even a tiny pearl.

So if you’re into that kind of thing, I have a few tips for you.

Here’s my favourite tips for nail art that I’ve discovered over the years. 


Make your own nails by taking a piece of fabric, cutting it into small pieces and wrapping them around your finger.


Use a nail art brush to add sparkle.


The next time you want to do a manicure, do it with the brush.

The nails will stay on the surface longer and the paint will not smudge as much.


When you’re making a simple manicure or polish, don’t put too much pigment on the nail. 


A few tips on making your own sparkly nails. 


You can also make a very simple glitter polish with a little bit of pigment and a little paint on it. 7. 

There’s an entire nail art website devoted to making sparkly nail art. 


Try making your very own feather or feathery glitter. 


If you’re feeling like an imposter, you might want to try out some sparkly sparkly gold.


And if you want a little more sparkle, you could try making a sparkly pearl or pearl polish. 


How do you make a nail polish that is totally different to what you’re used to? 


Don’t forget to use the nail polish remover! 


So, are you a nail artist? 


Have you tried nail art or nail art supplies? 


What do you love most about nail design?

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