July 26, 2021

In the world of nail art the trend has long been around, and now, thanks to an explosion of high-end nail art brands, it’s going to be with us for the foreseeable future.

As well as selling nail art from brands like Gucci and Dior, a number of high street brands, including the popular Gucci, are also launching nail art collections.

These are often very expensive, with the average cost of a nail art piece starting at around £2,000. 

But the trend isn’t dying, with fashion brands including Gucci launching nail products from their own collection in the first half of 2018. 

A number of nail styles and nail art styles, which have a similar design, have been gaining popularity, with designers like Calvin Klein, LVMH, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and many others embracing the trend. 

It’s the perfect time for a nail artist to step up to the plate.

The best way to find nail art nail products is to go online and shop through the range of brands, said Carla O’Leary, head of nail products at Gucci.

“If you’re a nail technician or a manicurist, there are certain styles and brands that you want to go with, so if you can get a great selection from the brands you’re interested in, you’ll be a lot more confident and will be able to work with a professional nail stylist,” she said.

For nail artists, a manicure is the perfect opportunity to start looking at nail art and nail products as they have been around for so long, said Anna Cottam, a designer in London.

“It’s something that’s been around since the ’50s, so it’s a perfect time to look at the trend and look at nail products, because we have the luxury of choosing where we shop,” she added.

Nail polish is often used as a substitute for nail art but can be a great alternative for people who have difficulty maintaining a natural manicure.””

Nail art is all about showing off your manicure, so for a lot of nail artists it is just about having the perfect look and feeling.”

Nail polish is often used as a substitute for nail art but can be a great alternative for people who have difficulty maintaining a natural manicure.

“Nail care is all part of nail care, so I find myself working with nail care products quite often,” said Kelly Brown, a nail salon owner in Leeds, England.

Nail salons are often referred to as nail shops and are often popular for customers who want a unique nail polish experience, and are looking for the best quality nail care available.

In the past, nail salons have been the main source of nail beauty for people with darker skin, but the nail salon industry has also seen a shift in the last decade. 

“It’s not as prevalent as I used to think it was and now there’s an amazing array of nail polishes available, with brands such as Essie and Guerlain to name a few,” said Cottams.

As the nail industry is now expanding across the globe, it is expected that nail salon sales will grow exponentially over the coming years.

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