July 24, 2021

Posted by TechCrunch on January 26, 2018 12:06:54The Christmas nail art collection has already been on display at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but this year’s line will be the first to be available in stores.

The line will feature nail art from over 20 nail artists.

“We have over 20 of our favorite nail artists and our line will bring a bit of the festive flair that has been so popular over the years,” the company said.

“Nail art is so popular and loved in so many cultures, but for many people, Christmas is also the holiday that they celebrate the birth of a child.”

In addition to nail art products, Macy’s also announced it will be selling holiday-themed clothing, including winter hats, holiday coats, and snow boots.

“The festive apparel is designed to complement the holiday and celebrate the season,” Macy’s said.

The line will begin shipping on January 31, and will sell for $29.99.

You can order your Christmas nail kit from Macy’s online, but you can also purchase one on-site at a limited number of locations around the country.