August 25, 2021

Aesthetic nails are pretty much like nail art.

You don’t need to paint them.

But they are also used as a means to decorate homes, as they are the base of a variety of artistic nail designs.

And some people use them to decorat the inside of their homes.

We’ve all seen them used as accents in homes that don’t have a lot of space.

But why decorate the inside?

Why not just decorate inside the walls and ceilings?

That’s where the decorative nail art comes in.

“Nail art is a really versatile, decorative technique, so it can be applied to anything that needs decoration,” said Rachel Jones, the curator of home decoration at the University of Minnesota Museum of Fine Arts.

“You can use it as a centerpiece in a table, or you can use a nail art technique on a piece of furniture or a window to create an illusion of depth.”

Here are the five ways to decorating the inside with nail art:  1.

Make it an ornament 1.

Create an ornament with a white background.

This can be done by adding white accents around the perimeter of the ornament or the edges of the design.

The white accent should be visible, but not too visible, so that it can’t be seen when you walk past.

For instance, if you’re looking for a white flower on the front of the house, you can add a white accent to the front porch.


Make a white backdrop 3.

Add white accents on the perimeter to create a dramatic white backdrop.

“It really depends on what you’re using it for,” Jones said.

“If you’re making a backdrop that’s a little bit of a focal point for the home, like an entrance door or the kitchen counter, or maybe just to add a little sparkle to the whole interior, that’s probably a good idea.” 


Add some sparkle by making the ornament sparkle with a small piece of white fabric.

Make sure you keep it short and sweet.

For a white piece of fabric, put it in a pocket and then hold it up to the light.

If you’re going to be using a decorative nail, you might as well go the extra mile and add some sparkles ornaments to the edges. 


Add a little light and make the ornament shine with some white fabric pieces.

Use a white fabric piece to create the backdrop for a small white light.

“That’s kind of like adding some light to the entire decor, and then adding some white pieces on the inside,” Jones added. 

“There’s no reason not to decoratively use it, but you should also be aware that it might not be appropriate for every home,” Jones cautioned.

“There are certain things that people would like to see on their house and other things that would be off limits.”

To learn more about how to decor, visit the Minnesota Museum’s home decorator’s site. 

This article originally appeared on CBS Minnesota News and was republished with permission.