August 16, 2021

Posted November 21, 2018 09:17:11 Christmas nail arts are an interesting topic, and this week, we’ve got some nail art ideas that will surely make you smile.

The best part is, we’re here to help you get started!

Here’s how to choose the perfect nail art for you, whether you’re looking for a sparkly polish or a bold and beautiful accent.

What you’ll need: 1.

A sharpie or pencil.


A ruler, pen or markers.


A few coats of polish.4.

A pair of scissors.5.

A nail file or a sharpie.6.

A pen and paper or an eraser.7.

A palette knife.8.

A paper clip.9.

A craft towel.10.

A candle or candle holder.11.

A bottle of nail polish remover.12.

A brush and a brush and water.13.

A box cutter.14.

A tape measure.15.

A paintbrush.16.

A clear tissue or something to put on your nails.17.

A large mirror or a glass and a mirror.18.

A small mirror or something that you can put on a glass.19.

A hairbrush.20.

A mirror or some other piece of glass that is big enough for you to see your nails while you’re doing it.21.

A flat surface to hold your nails, like a book, glass or a mirror, or a piece of fabric that you don’t mind getting messy with.22.

A cloth towel or a cloth mat to cover your nails when you’re done.23.

A white or clear mirror that is not so big that you might scratch your nails or get in the way of your fingers or your mouth.24.

A piece of paper or some sort of paper that is pretty big, and it’s not too big that it might scratch the fabric.25.

A very thin towel or something similar to wrap your nails in and then cover them in.26.

A towel with a lot of little holes to hide your nails from.27.

A plastic bag or something like that, with a hole in the top to hold them in place.28.

A sticky note or some kind of adhesive to stick your nails to.29.

A rubber band or some type of flexible piece of material.30.

A thin sheet of paper, especially a paper towel, that you will be able to fold over your nails and then put your nails on.31.

A glue stick or some flexible material to hold a piece or piece of tape to your nails if you don