August 11, 2021

Trendy nail art is here.

I’m not kidding when I say this is the coolest thing in the world right now.

There are so many nail art trends going on, but there’s one that’s always on my mind, and it’s nail art.

It’s nail polish.

So what is nail polish?

The beauty and health community has been calling nail polish “the perfect accessory for the whole year” since the 1930s.

It was a very popular and easy-to-use way to create a manicure that’s super easy to apply and last forever.

But in the 1950s, the idea of a nail polish bottle that actually worked as a manicurist’s tool was just a bit too ambitious.

The idea of applying nail polish with a roller came later, and nail polish today is all about the spray-on method.

It uses a sponge to spread and adhere your polish, and the sponge will rub on your nail to form a thick coat.

When you do it right, the polish is pretty smooth and lasts all day.

And if you’re new to nail art, here’s how to do it.

First, get a sponge and a nail brush.

I recommend a small, flat brush because the bristles can easily get scratched, and I use a thin one.

Then apply the nail polish onto the sponge.

The sponge is where the paint and nail brush will touch.

You want to create that really shiny effect by spraying the polish onto a very thick layer of polish.

Next, let it dry.

I use my hands to hold the sponge in place and then spray the polish with the sponge as I work on my nails.

This is where you spray and hold the nail.

It should take about 10-15 minutes.

Once you’ve sprayed a few coats, you can remove the sponge, and use a toothpick to remove the polish from the sponge and into your brush.

Finish off your manicure by wiping the polish off with a damp towel.

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