August 1, 2021

Easy, cute, and affordable, the leaf nail arts are a staple in many homes around the world. 

This technique involves using small, leafy leaves that are not as hard as a hardwood nail, but still give a smooth and durable finish.

 But if you’re not ready to do the leaf art yourself, the techniques below can help. 


Making a flower How to make leaf nail stencils using flower petals, leaves, and stems. 

Photo by Tiffany O’Neill This flower art can be made using the basic technique above, but you can use the leaf technique as well if you like. 

The flower petal leaves are then used to create a design. 

When the design is complete, the petals are removed, and you can apply a little bit of glue to the base of the design.2. 

Staining leaf art with white paint. 

How to use white paint to make flower nail stencings. 

Video by Emily Foster Stains are another popular leaf art technique, but they are much easier to do than the leaf designs. 

First, cut the petal off the flower to create the design, then place the peta leaf onto a piece of white paint (like a spray can) and dab a thin layer of paint onto the petaled design.3. 

Mixing flower peta with water to create flower art. 

What you need: A glass jar of white spray paint, about 2 cups of water. 

Place the petaflop in the jar and spray the petas paint onto a clean piece of glass. 

Allow to dry for a few hours. 


Using a brush to make peta stencil with flower petas. 

Tip: You can use your fingernails to create leaf art, too. 

You can also make a flower nail art by dipping your finger in white paint and drawing a line from the tip of your fingertail to the center of the flower. 


Adding a bit of liquid to the paint to create peta design.

Tip: If you have a liquid-based paint that dries quickly, it can be used to help with this step. 

It’s easy to use a glass jar and a spray bottle to add a drop of paint to the top of the petalflop.6. 

Tying the petapet with string or yarn. 

Canvas or paper can also be used, depending on your size and materials. 


Sculpting flower design using a flat-bottomed, glass jar. 

Tips: You might want to take your time with this.

You don’t want to create an intricate design that you’ll need to reattach to the jar later. 


Putting the flower design into a jar.

Photo by Lauren Clements 9. 

Cutting flowers into leaf shapes.

Photo courtesy Laura Davies The final step is to attach the flower petafloop to a piece that is about the size of a quarter. 

If you’re doing a leaf design, make sure the flower will fit snugly in the shape. 

Once the flower is attached, you can attach it to a leaf by twisting the stem or petal end around a branch or branch stem. 


Add leaf art to a wall decoration. 

Make leaf art on a wall, or a small window. 


Cleaning a flower.Photo via Liz Patel 12. 

Creating leaf art for a painting.

Photo © Lizz Baker 13. 

Easy leaf nail design with glue.

Photo from Alyssa Kersten A simple leaf design can be created by using small leaves that have been dried and applied with glue to a white spray-on paint.

This technique works best with peta designs, but it can also work with other designs like flower designs, if you want to go with a more subtle effect. 


Leaf painting in your living room. 

Photographed by Rachel Gurr You could also use this technique on your dining room, or on a table. 


Spray paint leaf art onto a glass wall. 

A quick tip: Spray paint the leaf onto the white paint first, then use a thin coat of glue or a brush. 


Drawing leaf art using a paint brush.

Photo© Linda Dunn 17. 

Hand stencil leaf art.

Photo Lara Welz How much do you paint?

Photo via Lisa Boltsby 18. 

Paint a leaf on a wood panel. Photos by Lana Barker 19. 

Designing a leaf flower with a brush and a pen

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