August 6, 2021

PORCH OF ROSES: A man’s love story that took six months to finish, including a wedding ceremony and a nail art masterpiece, will become a centerpiece of a Valentine’s day celebration.

The “Porchy of Roses” nails are created by a 23-year-old woman named Kamiyama Nakata.

The nail art is based on her own life, but it’s also the story of a man who loves his wife, but is in love with someone else.

“I want to make people happy and I want them to be happy in my life, and I don’t want to change them,” Nakata told Newsweek.

She and her husband were in love and married in February.

The two met through their mother and Nakata was a student.

“I think my mother was more of an artist,” Nakatas mother told Newsweek of her daughter.

“My mom painted and drew all kinds of things, but I was never good at it, so I didn’t understand the process.

I really wanted to be good at painting and drawing.”

Nakata is one of a growing number of women with a passion for nail art who are turning their love story into art.

“We’ve got the porches and the parks,” Nakats mother told The Guardian.

“People are coming to us with their ideas of how to create their own porches.

We’ve seen a lot of women who want to be a model, have done things like that.”

Nagisa Takeda is one woman who has turned her love story to art.

The 28-year old woman’s mother had been painting and selling nail art since she was a child.

“She was the only person in the house that would make me paint,” Nagisa said.

“If I had to paint, I would have never been able to paint.

I was very, very shy.

I always felt awkward.

Nagisa, who now lives in the U.K., had been living alone and without a job. “

I wanted to change my life to be more like my mother.

Nagisa, who now lives in the U.K., had been living alone and without a job.

She decided to get her mother to help her create a “nail art piece.””

I wanted to create a sculpture that was more beautiful than the pictures that my mother would make,” Nagissa told Newsweek, “so I took inspiration from her style of painting and painted the porch on the wall of the house.

“The “Nail Art Porch” will be displayed on February 25th at the Japanese Cultural Center in Nagasaki.

Her mother was so happy that she made her painting the centerpiece of the event.””

This is my mother’s home, so it is my place to give the piece a life,” Nagis mother told the Guardian.

Her mother was so happy that she made her painting the centerpiece of the event.

“Nakatas painting is so beautiful, it is almost like a love story,” she said.

Her painting will be on display for two days starting on February 26th, with Nakatas painting on the next day.

Nakita is hoping that the event will be a chance for her to show her family that she is happy, she told The Huffington Post.

“The thing that I want is to give my family something to look forward to every day,” she told Newsweek about the painting.

“It’s about showing them I am happy.”

“The idea of painting nails is something I love to do,” Nagata said.

“People always think it’s a weird thing to do, but for me it was more fun than anything else,” she added.

“Even though I had never painted before, I felt like it was a lot more fulfilling than painting a piece of paper or a piece from the store.

I thought it was fun and I liked it a lot.

I think it is very much a part of my life.”

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