August 20, 2021

Donald Trump’s first executive order calling for the elimination of the so-called “diversity hiring” rule in the U.S. Department of Labor is causing a stir among his supporters.

| AP Photo Trump signs orders to repeal diversity hiring rule, expand use of drones to hunt endangered species.

Trump signs order to repeal the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, which would prohibit federal contractors from discriminating against minority employees.

Trump signed an executive order to end a rule requiring federal contractors to hire minorities.

And Trump signed orders to expand use by the government of drones and drones-like aircraft to hunt wildlife.

The President signed a rule that allows agencies to waive or defer rules related to sexual harassment or discrimination and allow agencies to use the federal employee retirement system to fund certain programs and initiatives.

The President signed orders directing federal agencies to stop using the federal government’s Medicare reimbursement system to pay out medical expenses for their employees, as well as an order allowing them to hire veterans and military dependents.

Trump signs executive orders to eliminate the Diversity Employment Equity Act and create a program to fund federal research, to increase training for federal employees on diversity issues, and to require the government to publish data on the employment of racial and ethnic minorities.

On Saturday, Trump signed two other executive orders: one directing the Environmental Protection Agency to review all rules, regulations, and policies related to climate change, and another to allow the EPA to conduct an expedited environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline project.

In his executive orders, Trump also signed orders making it easier for businesses to appeal to federal contractors and easing requirements that contractors submit to background checks for federal contracts.

One of the orders Trump signed on Friday also requires the Interior Department to provide a summary of the cost of federal contracts to federal employees.

The other order also directed the agency to publish a report that would detail the impact of a Trump administration policy on a particular federal contractor’s compensation.

An executive order from President Donald Trump directing federal contractors not to discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

An executive order by President Donald Trumps signature ordering the Environmental Protect Agency to create a review process for environmental reviews.

Two executive orders signed by President Trump directing the EPA and the Interior to review environmental regulations, including a rule on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

An order from Trump that directs the National Park Service to review and consider the impact on grizzly bears and other endangered species of a presidential proclamation that would allow a grizzly bear hunt in national parks.

An Executive Order by Trump directing Interior to conduct a review of federal contracting practices and ensure contractors adhere to federal procurement rules.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, in a statement, said Trump “is acting to advance the president’s priorities for his agency.”

“We are very grateful that the president is following through on the promises he made in his campaign, and he is making sure that federal workers are being paid fairly, are given the resources they need, and have the protections they need in an era when we have more of the same with regards to government contractors,” Earnest said.

“And that’s exactly what the president wants.

We’re hopeful that these orders will provide guidance to agencies as they develop their procurement processes and policies.”

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