August 18, 2021

The nail art company, which was founded in 2013 by two men from New York, has made a name for itself by creating nail art for celebrities and famous brands like Nail Art and Nail Couture.

Now, the company has created a nail art line designed to bring nail art into the home.

The line is designed to include nail art kits that will fit in a drawer or bag, or can be used in a salon.

A special edition of the Nailart Line has been sold out since it launched earlier this year, but the company said it will be back on sale in October.

The NailArt line is made up of six different kits.

Each kit includes a basic manicure, a polish and a tutorial on how to do the polish, the Nailsider said in a statement.

Each nail kit is available in black, white and rose gold, and each kit will ship for $99.

The kits include manicures like a black, rose gold and a rose gold with shimmer, white, black, gold, coral and gold.

The tutorials will walk you through how to apply the polish and nail art to your nails.

There are also nail art stickers and a black and gold nail art tape.

The nail art is a unique way to take home a fun, easy way to paint nails, said Rachel Weiler, an associate editor at, in a press release.

The nails are the product of a technology that is very simple, fast and efficient.

This technology, called a ‘mascara’, allows a user to apply an intense, natural shine to their nails without having to do a lot of work.

This means you can apply nail art with a very quick, simple, and efficient process,” Weiler said.