September 20, 2021

3D printers are everywhere these days and for many people, it’s a way to create intricate designs on a flat surface.

But for nail art artists, this is something of a dream job. 

“Nails are such a delicate thing, they are fragile,” said Katarina Kuklowski, a nail artist from Germany who works with artists around the world.

“They are so delicate, they require such care.”

Nails have traditionally been made from chalk, but the new technology has created an entirely new way of working with the art form. 

Nail art is one of the oldest forms of art, dating back to ancient times.

It’s the art of using the shape of a nail to create an impression of a specific object, and a lot of people use nail art in their work.

“It’s a very creative art,” said Anna Mascarenhas, a freelance nail artist based in Germany.

“It’s quite hard to explain it to someone who doesn’t know what it’s all about.”

Kuklowskows has been creating nails with her new 3D printer, and is the first person in the world to use the new 3-D technology.

“I just wanted to see what I could do with the tools I have, and how they could make my nails look more real,” she said.

She started using the 3D-printed tool in August to create a nail art print on a piece of plastic, and has since used it to create several other nail art prints.

“When I first used the 3-d printer it took me around 20 minutes to print the whole thing out,” she told ABC News.

“Now I’m able to make a nail in a matter of minutes, and it’s been amazing.”

The print has been published on the website.

Kuklsows creations have inspired hundreds of other nail artists around Europe, and are being used in exhibitions around the country.

She said she’s planning to create more designs and more nail art designs.

“The idea is to create the perfect polish on a surface and to use that polish for nail painting,” she explained.

“So the next nail I do I’ll use a bit of the same plastic, but with different colours, for a more realistic effect.”

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More than half of those are people aged 18 and older.

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