September 13, 2021

Posted January 14, 2020 17:24:32Black nail art kits can be great for beginners and even experts alike, but the tools that you need to make your own can vary wildly.

Here’s everything you need:What to use?

Nail art kits are popularly used for nail art and nail polish, with tutorials on Instagram and Youtube.

If you’re not a nail artist, a black nail kit might be your best bet, although you can find other options.

To make your nails black, you need two different types of acrylic paint, called ‘saline’ and ‘silk’.

If you have a nail polish that you want to work with, you’ll need a colour that’s also used in nail art.

To use a black paint:Fill a small bowl with the acrylic paint and mix it thoroughly.

Pour the mixture into the bowl, which is a round tray.

Use a paintbrush to smooth the mixture.

Add your polish, which can be anything from nail polish to nail polish remover to nail ink.

Mix well and rub on the polish until it looks good.

Apply your nail art to your nail.

You can mix different colours to make the polish look different.

You’ll want to do this so that you get different colours on different nails.

To paint your nails:Put your nail polish on the nail.

If you’re a beginner, add the black paint and rub it onto the surface of your nail to make sure it looks nice.

Add the white polish and rub the polish onto the nail to get it even darker.

Add a few drops of nail polish polish removers, which you can buy at your local nail shop.

Mix and rub until it’s even.

Add some nail ink, which will give your nails the look of real black nail polish.

Add white nail polish and the polish to your nails.

Fill the bowl again.

Mix some more nail polish into the paint.

Add more nail ink and nail paint.

Apply to your finger tips.

Now add your nails and mix and rub.

It’s up to you to see how your nails look.

How long will it take?

Depending on the colour you’re using, the kit will take up to six hours to dry.

To keep your nails looking vibrant, you may need to keep adding nail polish in between coats.

How do I know if my nails are black?

Nails that are black will look different to those that aren’t black.

If they don’t have the black stamping on them, your nails aren’t really black.