September 29, 2021

Nail art is the art of adding colors and tones to nails.

Here’s how to do it in this episode of The Cut.


Paint the nails.

You can use your favorite nail polish, or make them a different color.

I love using the “Fire” color from the “Aquaman” series, which is called “Fireproof.”

This is the perfect way to highlight a particular design.


Paint your design with a sharpie.

To create a fire, draw a red dot in the middle of the design and use your sharpie to trace the red.


Use the sharpie on the design to create the fire.

If you don’t have a sharpies, use a thin brush and paint the design with the brush and the “fire” color.


Apply the design.

Make the design red, then paint it with the fire nail art.

If the design looks a little messy, you can add some colors to it using “fire nail paint” from “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”


Watch as the fire explodes.


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