September 25, 2021

By now, you’ve probably been wondering what day is the best time to start planning your wedding day.

For a wedding to be successful, it needs to be well thought out and the ceremony will make you feel special.

And while most people are probably already planning for their wedding to take place on the first Monday in March, there are some wedding traditions that are more flexible.

Here are a few more ideas for your next special day.1.

Go to the gym to keep the fun going1.

Join a yoga class to keep your body fit1.

Try some yoga at the park1.

Wear a wedding band to show off your bridal gown2.

Go bowling with a friend3.

Watch the wedding movie in your living room4.

Go on a bike ride5.

Dress up to go on a beach walk6.

Dance with your family7.

Get the most out of your favorite wedding venue8.

Join the choir9.

Have a little shopping done in your favorite store10.

Join your favorite dance troupe11.

Do some DIY! 

You could do so many other things at a wedding, but these are just some of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s day.

To learn more about Valentine’s holiday traditions, check out this article about what to wear to the first day of your wedding and this article on what to do at your next romantic getaway. 

The Top 5 Things You Need To Make Your Wedding Day Perfect 1.

Get out and enjoy a few days of sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine at home2.

Pick out a special date for the wedding3.

Have the wedding ceremony at the top of your agenda4.

Make a few fun gifts for your loved ones5.

Get to know your guests and make plans for their favorite moments6.

Pick your favorite dessert and share it with them!7.

Have your bridesmaids do a little dress-up in their own colors8.

Create a wedding cake for your guests9.

Wear your favorite shoes10.

Pick a favorite wedding theme and put it on the cake11.

Bring a cake for a special occasion12.

Do something for your friends13.

Do your own special wedding ceremony