September 25, 2021

A South Carolina woman says she was kicked out from her salon after her boyfriend asked her to remove her nail art and was angry when she refused.

Marissa Miller, of South Carolina, said she was in a small salon with her boyfriend when she asked the man, David Hager, to remove his nails, according to WPLG-TV in Charleston.

Hager was a guest at the salon, and he asked her, Miller told the station.

She said she did not know the man and said she didn’t want to look at his nails.

When she told him she had an appointment, Hager asked her if she was going to remove hers, she said.

The salon manager, Lisa Ragsdale, told WPLK that the man said that he was going out to buy something, but Miller didn’t respond and asked if she wanted to buy his nail polish.

Ragsdale told the radio station that Miller refused to remove anything and then the manager kicked Hager out.

Hagers attorney, Matthew Hager Jr., told The Associated Press that Miller was not upset about her boyfriend asking her to wear her nails, and that he did not realize she was wearing her nails when she was asked to remove them.

He said he and his family have been friends for more than 20 years.

The Associated Press has contacted Hager’s attorney for comment.