October 31, 2021

The Hill article It was a day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump that lawmakers and aides were told they would need to start the process of renovating the Capitol.

The first steps were already underway, with the House and Senate already beginning work on the massive Capitol renovation project, according to multiple sources familiar with the project.

The Senate also completed work on its second phase of renovations, and is expected to start its third phase by the end of the month.

The Senate’s first phase, which includes the new visitor center and the renovation of the Senate chamber, was slated to begin in late September.

The House’s second phase, called the Capitol Hall Restoration Project, was scheduled to begin this month.

But the work on Capitol Hall is far from done, as it’s likely to continue for several more months.

It’s unclear what impact the House’s first two phases will have on the building’s structure and capabilities, and whether other elements will be upgraded to meet current and future standards.

In addition, the Capitol has not yet been completed for the full term of its four-year contract with the Department of Defense.

The contract expires in 2018.

According to the sources, the House is working on a new, higher-density building that will be able to accommodate all of the new work being done on Capitol Hill.

This new building will have many of the same capabilities as the current building, but will also be larger and taller.

It will also have an extra 1,000 square feet of floor space, making it easier to house both congressional and executive offices.

The House also is working with the Architect of the Capitol on new flooring for the Capitol, the sources said.

The building’s overall design will be based on the architectural principles of the former Capitol in Washington, D.C., the sources told The Hill.

The sources said that the building will also feature the same style of flooring and ceilings as the Capitol in 2018, but in a much taller configuration.

It will also include additional underground space to accommodate the new Capitol Hall, as well as a new “fenced-in area” for the Senate.

While the building is not yet complete, the Senate’s building was completed last year and is still undergoing renovation.

Senate leaders have said that it will be finished by the first quarter of 2021, and that construction on the new building is scheduled to start by the beginning of 2019.

The new Senate building will be about the same size as the former Senate building, with its floors rising approximately 2,000 feet from the ground.

The new building’s floors will be constructed of concrete, with all of its exterior walls being marble.

The Capitol’s exterior walls are made of marble, but the Senate was made up of granite and was designed to withstand earthquakes and other major events.