October 19, 2021

In my first article, I explained how to get a good look at the best black nail art.

It’s important to understand the different types of black nail designs to get your nails looking really gorgeous.

Now, I want to take you through a quick step-by-step process to get an even better look at your black nail polish.

First, you’ll need some black nail paint.

The best black polish is usually a black base coat, and I recommend getting at least a base coat.

I don’t recommend getting a full coat of black on your skin because it can make the skin look too black.

Instead, use a base or a thinner coat to get that “black” look on your nail.

The black base will give your nails a much more realistic look.

I used the same black base as in the tutorial on how to do a perfect black nail.

This will give you a great base to work with, but you’ll want to make sure it’s a thick black base.

I suggest you use a thinner base than what I did in the photo below.

The thinner base will help your nails stay looking even longer, which is what you want when you’re doing the whole “paint on black” look.

Once you’ve got a thick base, you can start applying your black polish to your nails.

First apply a thin coat of your black base to the nail.

You’ll want a thin layer of the base to start with.

You can also apply the thinner layer on top of that to create a gradient.

Apply a thin black base over your nail to get rid of any air bubbles.

If you’re applying the thinner coat on top, the black will look even darker.

Next, you want to apply your black top coat to your black nails.

This is a little trickier, but if you’re looking for a super-sharp black topcoat, I highly recommend it.

It’ll make your nails look amazing and help them last longer.

You want to mix and match your base coat and top coat.

Apply your black or thin black top to the black nails you want your black to be a little more matte.

Next you want the black nail top coat applied over the black base or thinner.

Once your black is smooth, you’re ready to apply the black top.

I like to mix it up a little bit with different colors of black and black and white.

This way, I can keep things simple.

Once applied, you need to apply a small amount of your base color.

I’ve used a matte black base for this step, but any color of black will work.

Next is a thin white base.

Apply the white base to your fingers.

This should create a “soft” feel to your skin.

I love to mix white and black to create that “softness” that gives your nails that perfect black look.

Next up, you might want to add a small bit of your glitter or a shimmery metallic finish.

This makes the black shine a little brighter.

Lastly, add a few tiny drops of your favorite color.

This isn’t too much, but I like mixing different colors together and adding in small amounts.

Apply some nail polish on your fingers and let them dry for a few minutes.

Next time, you don’t want to get too dark, as it’ll make the nails look a little duller.

I’m sure the above technique will look really nice on your black and you can add some glitter to add that “super-sharp” look, but it’s really important to use the same base and topcoat technique as in my tutorial.

I promise, it will look great on your hands. Enjoy!