October 31, 2021

Nail art is an art form where you paint your nails to look like something out of the fairy tales.

It can be done by hand or with a palette and you can use a variety of paints and textures to make it look like a variety and variety of things.

The technique is very similar to painting, and nail art is a good way to make the nails look a certain way or even a particular way.

This tutorial will walk you through how to make nail art with your garden in mind.

I love how you can see the progress as you work on the project. 

The first step is to get a garden and paint it.

For this tutorial, I used the fruit nail art spa that I have made before, which is a garden in a plastic container.

It’s a fun little thing to have a few flowers and plants growing in your yard.

I love that you can mix and match colours for different areas of the garden.

This tutorial is for a 4 x 4 garden with an empty space of about 2.5 square metres.

I chose the size of the terrarium to keep the colour pallet simple. 

You can also buy a garden paint kit from Amazon.

To create the flowers and the plants, I simply spray them with a paint that has a specific colour and texture for the garden that I am painting.

The fruit nail spa is an easy project that you will find a lot of great tips for creating nail art for your garden, including how to start with a colour palette and how to do nail art on a palette.

What you will need: A 4 x 8 x 4 terrarium (4.5 x 3.5 inch) To make the terraria, you will also need a paintbrush, a small spray bottle, a paint stick, a brush, a spray bottle cap, a palette (I use a little pinkie), a little plastic container, and some sandpaper.


Start by creating a little painting pad with a little sandpaper on it.

Paint your nail art to match your garden. 


Use a paint brush to paint your nail polish to match the colour of the flowers, plants, or any other object. 


Add a layer of sandpaper to the base of your paint pad to add some extra depth.


Apply the paint stick to the bottom of the pad.


With the paint brush and brush, apply a layer to the top of the paint pad. 


Apply the nail polish layer to all four sides of the nail pad and finish with a coat of the base coat. 


Repeat for all four corners of the spray pad.

I like to start my nail art by adding a layer, but if you don’t want to add layers, just paint a single dot at a time to fill in the gaps between each nail. 


 Now that you have a base paint that looks like your garden and are starting to work with colour palettes, paint the nails with the base paint on one side of the painting pad and then add another layer to fill up the gap between the two colours. 


Next, add another coat of nail polish, making sure to cover all the edges of the entire nail pad.

Repeat this step for all the other nail paint colours.


Now it’s time to add the final coat of paint.

You can either paint all the nail colours with the same colour, or you can add more layers of nail colour. 


This time, add a layer with nail polish and a layer that is almost a mirror image of the original nail colour to make a gradient. 


Fill in the gap with another coat, adding another coat to cover the gaps. 


Finish off with a final coat with nail paint and a last coat of top coat to seal the entire thing. 

How to Make the Nail Spa for your Garden article Now it is time to put the nail spa together. 

To do this, you need to start by cutting the nails to your desired length.

For my garden, I cut mine about half an inch shorter than my foot.

Now that I know how long my nails are, I’ll cut them into lengths about an inch longer.

I use my garden to do this so that the nail art doesn’t stick to it. 

For this nail art project, I have cut out about two thirds of the length of the nails.

You will need a nail file and a small tool to make these cuts. 


Cut the nails in half. 

Start at the middle of each nail, and work your way down. 

When you get to the tip of the middle nail, cut the length to the desired length of your nail.2. 

After you have cut the nails, you’ll want to trim the ends of the tips