October 11, 2021

Disney and Marvel are teaming up again this year to create a new line of nail art that features mermaid characters inspired by their popular film franchises.

The new line, which will be available in two colors, will be sold exclusively at Disney Parks and Resorts beginning this fall, and will be produced by Disney artist and artist of the same name, Dan Stoeber, who previously worked for Marvel Studios.

Stoeber will be producing the mermaid designs, which are a collaboration between Disney, Marvel and Disney Animation.

They are inspired by Disney characters and themes like the Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Cinderella and Rapunzel, as well as Marvel and Pixar’s “Aladdin.”

They also feature elements of traditional Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Princess Jasmine, as opposed to Disney characters from Pixar or Disney Pixar Animation Studios, such the Captain Jack Sparrow, Tigger, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, among others.

The line also features new Disney characters such as Ariel, Mulu, Tiggy and a new mermaid, the Ariel from Disney’s “Ariel: Ariel’s Journey.”

“Disney’s mermaid line has always been a strong theme that’s been a cornerstone of our brand,” said Scott Aukerman, president and chief creative officer at Disney.

“We’re delighted to have Disney artists collaborating with us on the new line.

We know this line is going to bring fans of Disney’s merpeople some new and exciting ways to express themselves.”

Stoebber previously worked on Disney’s upcoming line of mermaid themed jewelry, “Aurora,” as well a mermaid and mermaid inspired dress line for the “Asterix and the Crystal Skull” animated film.

Stueber’s designs for the merfolk inspired by the Disney film franchises also are available on his personal site, where he posts the designs as “Disney-inspired jewelry designs.”

The new mermesticks are the second line to feature Disney characters in nail art.

Disney launched a line of “Mermaids” inspired by Princess Tiana and the princesses of the “Star Wars” universe in April.

Disney has also created mermaids and merwomen inspired by other Disney characters.

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