October 27, 2021

nail art with diamonds is an art that has been around for thousands of years.

The art is so popular that it’s even used as a decoration in traditional Asian and African cultures.

It’s one of the most popular nail art techniques and a popular way to paint the perfect beach nail.

This simple and effective technique is a must-have for anyone who wants to paint their own nail art.

The best nail art nail art tutorial is a free and easy way to learn how to paint nails in a few simple steps.

How to paint your own beach nail nail art Tutorial This simple and easy technique is easy to follow.

First you need to purchase a large number of nail polish remover beads, a small amount of white paint, and a small number of white chalk sticks.

The chalk sticks are available from many craft stores and you can also buy them online.

The remover will make a very strong white paste that will help to remove any remaining dirt from the nail polish.

Step 1.

Cut the white chalk from a few sticks of white glue, making sure to make sure the glue is all cut and that the white stick is dry.

You can use any size chalk sticks to create a large variety of shapes, but make sure that the smaller sticks are too small.

The smaller sticks make it easier to use.

Step 2.

Heat up the chalk in a small saucepan over medium-high heat.

Step 3.

Add the white paint.

Make sure to add enough heat to melt the white glue.

The heat will help the white polish adhere better to the chalk.

Step 4.

Add some white chalk.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the white is fully melted.

Step 5.

The white polish should be completely dry and you will need to wipe off the white.

Step 6.

Place the white on the chalk stick and wipe off with a damp cloth.

Step 7.

Repeat the process with the second white.

Repeat this process for the rest of the white nail art kit.

What you need: Step-by-step instructions and pictures to paint any nail art technique with your own nails.

Step- by-step directions to paint beach nails in your own personal style.


Pick out a beach theme.

This is the most important step because it will give your beach nail art a special look.


Use your chalk stick to paint two random colours onto the chalk, one white and one black.


Use the chalk to paint black onto the white, making a simple black and white pattern.4.

Use chalk to create an even black and black pattern on the white with a lighter black and lighter white.5.

Add another layer of white to create another black and a darker black pattern.


Use a second chalk to add a third layer of black and make a more complex black and more black pattern with a white dot.7.

Use white chalk to fill in the black and darker black spots.8.

Paint a diamond shape using a nail polish brush and chalk.


Repeat with other colors.

Step 2: Paint your beach theme with the chalk again.

The next step is to add some white to the mix.


Add a second layer of chalk to give your manicure a slightly more vibrant look.

Step 1: Add a couple of sticks of chalk on the top of your manicured nail and apply a thin layer of the chalk on each end.

Step 12: Use a white paint brush to paint on the black with a dot of chalk. 

Step 12.

Repeat step 12 on the red and blue stripes.

Step 14: Add another dot of white, using the same technique as before.

Repeat for the other colours.

Step 15: Paint a couple more dots of white onto each end and add a second dot of black to make a slightly brighter red.

Step 16: Add the final dot of grey to make the next step.

 Step 16: Repeat step 15 for the last layer of sand.

If you don’t have a chalk stick, use a large wooden spoon to use chalk to apply the sand onto the nail.

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