October 15, 2021

In the late 90s, the 90s was a time for retro nail arts, the kind of manicure you could buy at the Dollar General.

As with most of the cool things of the time, the trend was driven by women and by fashion.

But for many, the nail art that made the most sense at the time was nail polish, which was a way to decorate your nails with sparkles and other fun bits.

So when nail art was trending online, many people went crazy for the looks, even if the art itself wasn’t as innovative or original as it could have been.

The trend was dubbed the “90s were retro nail, and the nail artists who were making it were called the retro nail artists.”

The trend peaked in the 2000s, when the retro trend hit the mainstream and a few nail art artists became famous for their creations.

There were nail art blogs like Nail Art Today and Nail Princess, which offered tutorials and tips on how to recreate the look of the 90’s.

But a lot of these artists ended up making money off their creations, with some even going bankrupt.

In an interview with NPR, author and former stylist, Katie Henn, talked to Salon about her own career in nail art.

When you think about nail art history, what’s it all about?

How did it become this huge thing?

Katie: It was kind of a culmination of a lot, I think, of things.

It really began in 1993 with the publication of a book called “Modern Modernism” by David F. Dix, a professor at New York University.

I was the lead author.

I’d been working with him for a long time, and he wanted to put out a book on nail art in the early ’90s.

I got in touch with him and he sent me a copy of “Modern.”

I was intrigued and kind of had a preconceived idea that I’d be doing a book about nail polish.

I thought, “Wow, this is the future of nail art.”

So I just went for it and I’m really glad I did.

It was a fun process, because I had a lot to learn, but I’m kind of enjoying it.

So I think it’s just a continuation of all the cool trends that were being put out at the same time.

The 90’s were the year where people were going to the salon, and I think that trend really took off and became a big thing, so people just gravitated to it.

When you look at some of the styles that people are now starting to use, it’s kind of like that was the year that started it all.

What’s the main trend in nail polish now?

Kat: It’s pretty much the same stuff that was used then.

It’s just kind of more elaborate.

There are a lot more designs and colors and more glitter, so I think people are more likely to wear it.

It has become more and more popular, and that trend has definitely changed over the years.

How long has nail art been popular?


In the 90ies, the trends were really driven by girls and girls dressing up and going to shows and going out in public with their nails.

They would just put their nails in these different shapes and make their nails look pretty.

That’s kind-of the thing I’m all about.

I’m always trying to figure out new ways to use the things that I love.

But the 90S really changed things.

Now the nail artist that’s doing it is a male, and there are so many more options.

There’s a lot less competition for women, and it’s a whole new market.

And it’s all really cool.

I think the trend has grown so much since the 90 s.

The 80s were really popular because of fashion and trends and the kids who were getting their nails done in the 90-95s and that era were really in love with nail art as well.

Now, with the new trend, I’m happy to see that trend spreading.

I just think that people need to be more creative and not just imitate something that they’re already familiar with.

The trend is still popular.

What’s your favorite style?

Kat.: The style that I really like is the classic classic look, which is a little bit of everything.

I would probably go for a classic red and black or a classic green, or a green and white.

I love everything from the 80s.

I also like the look I call the classic, the classic pink.

I like the way it looks like a pink and the way the nails look.

I have the look for my nails, and then I can have fun with the colors and the style.

Did you ever have a dream career?

Kat, Yes.

I had this dream