October 11, 2021

By Emily Rogers and Alex King/BuzzFeed NewsA nail polish that was designed to work on any skin can be a little tricky to get the perfect shade and the result is a messy, sticky mess that can lead to itching.

That’s exactly what happened to one young woman.

After going to the salon to get her polish manicured, she was shocked to find it wasn’t the right shade, so she called the customer service number and asked what shade was right for her.

The rep on the other end was adamant that her shade was wrong, so the woman was told to pick another one, but the rep refused to budge and insisted on asking the customer to send a photo of herself with her nail polish.

After the woman called the number back several times, the rep insisted that she send her own photo instead of just sending the image to him, according to the Daily Mail.

After multiple phone calls, the woman finally got her nail art manicured.

But that was just the beginning.

In an article published on Thursday, BuzzFeed News found that the rep, who had been in touch with the woman, would not budge when asked to send her picture instead of the photo she requested.

“I asked for her photo, she refused, I called her back, and she refused to give me a photo,” the woman told BuzzFeed News.

“So I sent the picture to her anyway, but she didn’t reply.

So I sent it to her and she still refused to send me a picture.”

After the customer care rep refused the woman’s request to send the picture, the customer returned the phone number to her to make the appointment, but after the woman got back to her, the man refused to return the phone, BuzzFeed reported.

The woman’s frustration was exacerbated when the rep said she could take a photo to send to her if she wanted, BuzzFeed said.

“The customer service rep is a racist pig.

He is not even trying to help.

I am angry that the customer services rep was willing to go out of his way to put his name on the bill and to do nothing about my frustration,” the customer told BuzzFeed.”

What’s wrong with people that are trying to use their position of power to hurt other people?

It’s an affront to humanity.””

It’s disgusting that this man, this rep, would treat me that way,” the other woman added.

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