October 21, 2021

Wood nail polishes are a popular trend in the beauty industry and nail art can be one of the most recognizable ways to tell the difference between the two.

Nail polish artist Yolanda Garcia of Woodnal Designs in the United Kingdom has made nail art as simple as possible by using a wood stick.

Garcia said that, while she is a nail art fanatic, it’s not her specialty.

“I think I have a love for the natural beauty, but I also love the beauty in the eye of the person who sees it,” Garcia said.

She’s also a huge fan of wood, which she’s used in her nail art for more than 20 years.

Wood nails can be made from a variety of woods and materials, but Garcia has a favorite.

The most popular wood for nail art is beech wood, she said.

The wood can be used in all kinds of designs and, for Garcia, the process was simple.

In order to make her nails, Garcia uses a brush, a bit of wood glue, a piece of wood she’s made from, and a nail polish.

After drying her nails with a damp rag, she uses a nail scraper to remove any excess glue.

When she’s done, she then uses the polish to make a very fine line.

I can’t really tell if it’s done well or not, she added.

It’s the only way I can do it, Garcia said, although she’s never done it before.

My nails have never been done by a professional before, she explained.

But I do like the look of the nails.

It looks like they’re a little bit more polished, Garcia explained.

Her nail art has become so popular, Garcia says she’s even turned to Instagram to get more followers and likes.

For Garcia, nail art isn’t just for women, she’s also made some men’s nail art.

You can find some of her nail pieces on Instagram at @yolandajoseph.

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