November 26, 2021

WASHINGTON — In a time when more than 60% of people in the U.S. have had a stroke, some nail artists are making nail art to inspire their patients to have a better quality of life.

A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology found that people who work with nail art have better outcomes in stroke care.

They also reported feeling more comfortable, happier and more productive, the study’s authors said.

They added that they believe nail art can help patients recover from stroke and other neurological conditions, like Alzheimer’s.

Nail art has a long history in the world of art, and for some it’s a way of expressing their emotions.

The practice of nail art dates back to ancient Greece, and it’s believed that women used the art to express their feelings of love and affection.

But it was a time before the advent of electronic gadgets and technology.

In the late 1980s, a nail artist named James McBride began creating nail art for people suffering from stroke.

“It’s about taking the things that people have and creating an environment for them to be able to be a little more vulnerable and not necessarily afraid of their surroundings,” McBride said.

A woman named Nancy Lillis came up with the concept of a “nail art gallery,” where people would gather to talk about their pain, anxieties and emotions.

McBride, who also worked as a clinical psychologist, said she decided to create the nail art gallery to create a space where people could share their thoughts and feelings.

“It was a place where I could be myself and feel a little bit of my own inner self,” she said.

McBridge said he has since become friends with a woman named Sarah Baugh, who is a nail art artist from Dayton, Ohio.

Baugh said she had an epiphany when she started painting and she wanted to help others who suffer from strokes and other disorders.

“I’m kind of a self-starter,” Baugh said.

“I want to help people who are in the same situation and I just wanted to get into the world and create a little art.”

Nail Art Gallery was bornThe nail art exhibit, which opened in October, features more than 100 nail art pieces by over 20 artists, including McBride, Baugh and Lillises.

“The show has been an incredible experience for us,” McBridge said.

“People have come in from all over the country and we have had great success and people who have never met us before have come and have been very supportive and have taken pictures and are so happy to have seen the show.”

The exhibition features more in-depth information about each artist, and McBridge is excited about sharing his art with people in need.

“My main goal is to give these individuals a chance to get their own piece of art and have it displayed on the show floor,” he said.

But not everyone who comes to see McBridge’s nail art will have a chance.

McBride said he’s concerned about the stigma surrounding nail art.

“There’s so much stigma about it,” McBrien said.

He said it’s important that nail art is celebrated, not stigmatized.

“We need to continue to create space for this art and to allow people to share their feelings and their hopes and dreams,” he added.

The National Institutes of Health recently approved $2.6 million to fund research to see if nail art has any benefits for stroke patients.

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