December 10, 2021

article If you’ve been to a nail salon, or even visited a nail art studio, chances are you’ve seen these gorgeous eye shadows in the store.

The colors you see in a store are often a reflection of the makeup, the nail art and the ingredients used.

They’re usually pretty close to what you’d find in your own home or at your local drugstore.

But if you don’t live near a nail shop or have access to a good home makeup supply store, you can make your own eyeshadow palettes for your nail art. 

Easy DIY eyeshadows for your own nail art Here’s how to make your very own eye shadow palettes, from top to bottom.

This is how you’ll start with the most basic eye shadows: Step 1.

Use a nail polish remover to remove the glitter from the bottom of your palette. 

Step 2.

Using your hand or your fingernail, press the polish removers into the base of the palette and press the brush against the nail.

Step 3.

Using a palette knife, apply a thin layer of the color to the base and then move the palette knife down to the top of the lid.

Once you’ve applied the thin layer, press down firmly on the palette until the base is completely covered.

Repeat this step for the other three colors.

For a more elaborate eye shadow effect, try applying a full layer of glitter to the lid, as pictured below.

Step 4.

To remove any excess glitter, you’ll need to clean the palette of any excess polish removes.

Follow these simple steps to remove glitter:Step 1 .

First, wash your hands thoroughly. 

After washing your hands, you may want to soak the palette in warm water for a few minutes, as shown in the video below.

Next, rinse the palette thoroughly, so as to make any water that drips off of it.

To remove the excess polish, you need to wash the palette with a damp cloth.

This should not be damp, as this will make the polish move off and cause it to stick to the palette.

The palette should then be washed again.

Step 2 .

Apply the nail polish to the nail by pulling it through a fine sieve.

The sieve should then drain any excess product from the palette into a small container, as seen in the picture below. 

The bottle should then remain in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.

Step 3 .

When you’re ready to use the eyeshades, remove the bottle, leaving the nail polishes behind. 

To use the eye shadows, you should follow the same steps to apply them to the eyes.

You’ll want to use a thick coat of nail polish, preferably one that’s at least 3 coats thick, as the polish will adhere to the plastic.

Apply the eye shadow to your nails using a small, circular brush, and then blend the eye colors with your fingers.

Step 5.

After you’re done blending the colors, use your nail polish brush to apply the eye shades.

Use the tip of the brush to pull up and around the nail, so that the color will stick to your skin.

You may want a little extra pressure to push the colors in, so the polish sticks.

The eyeshade can be used for anywhere from a few hours to a day.

I use mine in my kitchen, but I’d use it for any nail art I make.

I do a lot of nail art projects where I need to apply eyeliner and eyeliner creams on my nails, so I also use the colors to add sparkle to my designs.

For more inspiration, check out these eye shadows for the ultimate look.

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